How Do You Choose The Best Appliance Repair Technician?

This is a question I get asked all of the time. How do you choose the best appliance repair tech when there are so many to choose from? If you spent time calling every single one, it would take you all day just to go through the list of technicians. Most appliance repair technicians are the same and they all charge relatively the same fees.

While other technicians may have more experience, newer technicians may understand newer technologies better than those who have been in the field for 10+ years. So then it still comes down to, how do you choose the best appliance repair tech?

Here are a few things you can do to choose the best appliance repair technician in your area

  • Do they have a website online? Most repair technicians work for themselves, so if they are at all serious about this business, they will have an online presence.
  • What are other people saying about the appliance repair business online? Reviews of a business are extremely important when you have never worked with the company before. (Although you need to be careful now-a-days as many businesses can fake their reviews, so look at trusted sites like Yelp and Google, as these websites have some very strict filters for when it comes to showing reviews for a business online.)
  • The best way of choosing an appliance repair tech is by referral. Do you have any friends or family members who can refer someone to you? The best way to ask your friends and family is through posting a request on Facebook. Just by asking a simple question like this, you should have some people who can give you a few references.
  • If you get a reference from a friend or family member, search out the business online and see if they have more reviews or if they even have a website. Usually the easiest way of finding a business is by searching for the business name as well as with the technicians name.

best appliance repair techThese four points should help you find one of the better repair techs in your area. Be sure to do your research because some repair techs who are less qualified may take longer fixing your broken appliance and since most of these people charge by the half hour, if you hire someone who is slow, you will end up having to pay more for their work.

My friend is a Spokane appliance repair technician who has taught me what to look for when it comes to choosing the best in the field. He has over 20 years of experience and has dealt with some bad technicians over the years, mainly because he is always called in to fix jobs where another technician mess up. You can really learn a lot from another appliance tech and if you need more information, check out Noel at –